whats been keeping me busy!

This is what has been on my work space. Hand painting a print for a cape worn during traditional betrothal ceremonies.. The complete outfit consists of the top and skirt with the cape wraped around the top.. Just like for superheroes.. So in the mind of tweeking the outfit to make it modern but still retain the traditional aspects of the attire.. An idea came to mind.. Painting.. So i am painting the cape and bits of the outfit …

I cant quite see straight.. Its been a grueling many hours working on this piece.. Careful to get the lines as straight as my swollen wrist can manage to. Right now am so tired.. I just want to shut my eyes because am seeing stars.. And the fact that the afternoons have been quite dark due to the cloudy weather because of the rains.. My eyes are strained. The lighting in the studio seems quite dim.. Although working using natural light is always best. Theres not much choice.

Earthy tones are used for the womens attire.. Bronze, rust, and a hint of gold and red just to pick it up a tad. The geometric pattern used reflects the style o beading that usually adorns these types of traditional garb.. Intricately painting the lines…. An interesting pattern. Yes.. A tasking affair but rewarding once its done..

Tomorrow i embark on translating the print by hand onto the main outfit…..  (to be continued)


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