Geometrics continued…

Been swamped the past week.. Finally done with the ceremonial garb! My wrist still complains of the strain it has had to undergo.. IAm happy over the fact that the painting looks great on the outfits.. Now it awaits the tailors to do the final stitching once the clothes have been fitted. It had been a while since i did a geometric pattern, i must say i had missed it.. And if i may add forgot how much more strenuous it can get. You see with the more flambouyant motifs and pattterns there is room for the hand to be free so to speak.. Its less restrictive. Because there’s a lot of curves and twists. 


The design on the tops have to be similar to those onbthe skirt for the purpose of continuity and a pleasing overall look of the outfit.

Geometrics are very different.. Especially with a lot of straight lines that i have to paint.. The hand has to be more steady and accurate especially when executing the finer lines. But the result is usually very beautiful and it is worth the process.. To see that final piece.. When you breathe that sigh of relief and wear the grin of satisfaction.. Yeah… Its all worth it. The more so when the client is pleased with the work done.. Then you go home and nurse your back and wrist. 🙂

this piece is to be the wrap round skirt. ugandan bark cloth

In the next couple of days i embark on a whole new journey. Not a particularly unfamiliar one but different all the same. Different for all that i have gained in terms of experience. My way of thinking has changed, creatively. My mind is more open, for lack of a better term to use. I am excited over the change in direction. Quite looking foward to what the world of art has in store. And what more i can bring to the table..

Art is very dinamic.. Always fresh its like it transforms every which way you look at it.

The way a piece of art can mean so many things. Expressing something different to each individual that has the priviledge of experiencing it. Because art IS an experience. So many stories it can tell. So many messages it can relay. So many questions it can bring up. Ahh! The beauty that is art. So mysterious and yet can be so easy to relate to. Its almost like it has a special message to each person, not always the same message but it speaks all the same. It speaks many languages. Speaks to all ages.. Tales of all sorts. Now Thats one ride worth taking…  everytime!


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