the men in my life. ;)

So some of my guy friends (I will refrain from pointing names or naming fingers  ;)) for the longest time have been on my case as to why I don’t design stuff for dudes! Claiming there’s too much stuff for chics and there’s rarely any thought directed toward the dudes… after hearing this lecture over and over again… me thinks its time I started paying a little more attention to the men in my life… ha! Yeah, so… I have embarked on a journey to appease, am starting off with wallets, simple yet you know, functional and pretty cool to pull out in public J… I say this because some of them, (again I will not name fingers or point names)… are afraid to do so with what is currently in their possession J… I love you guys! Really I do… Ok, so I am pretty excited about this project, hopefully I will move on to other stuff…come to think of it, I should probably do a ‘survey’ to get more ideas on this. I made the first wallet with some left over fabric just to try and see if it was a viable idea. I was making clutch purses see; seeing as this is ‘wedding season’ and once I was done for the day I thought, hmmmmn… what say I make something different… a wallet would be good! And the rest is history…  So I then put it out there and someone thought it was pretty cool… so I made him one. A black one of course… really I love you guys 😉 yeah, so then someone else saw it and now I’m making another. And it seems I will keep making them. I have received some positive feedback on the clutch purses and ideas on other related stuff I could make… i, being a bag junkie (not as bad as my sister) used to sew bags out of left over fabric since from the time I learnt to run a machine. My mummy had one and she used to sew stuff. That’s when she wasn’t knitting. She was also into crocheting… She made all our sweaters; All 4 children… we were never cold! Bless you mummy. I guess that’s where I got my love for crafts. I love to work with my hands, just making stuff, cool stuff.  Ooh that reminds me of another idea, to be revealed eventually, once I get the right kind of fabric. I love fabric! There’s just so much you can do with it. Its like a blank canvas that you can do whatsoever with… maybe that’s why I also love painting on fabric… honestly I could paint on anything. Colour just takes me to a whole other world. Oh what I would love to do….. Paint on drapes! I should experiment with my drapesJ.. It’s at times like these when I wish I lived in a loft. Sigh!

I remember how I first started out painting on clothes, just one t-shirt; that was made for a friend. Then another and another… get my drift. Then I teamed up with some cool dudes where I painted on t-shirts still and also did so on bags… then later, I landed a job at a fashion studio, painting on clothes. That was one eye opening year for me. One filled with challenges and rewarding experiences, watching my painting go down a runway. That was so cool! Then it was time to leave, and now I’m back to doing my own thing, as Sanaa.tu. Oh this affair with paint and fabric! Come to think of it, it’s all I have ever done… ok, apart from my short stint in event and stage set decore that is. I still remember how mum and I planned my brothers wedding. I learnt a lot from my mum J I wonder whether I’ll go back to that. I’m having too much fun with paint. I look forward to the day I will have a spacious studio, hold workshops and exhibitions and paint, paint, paint! I should get me a pair of overalls J

Ok, so I took some clearer pictures of the three paintings., “Faces” “The box of fear” and “The Window”. I hope y’all enjoy them. This year has just been incredible, out of such excruciating pain; beauty was birthed in fearless expression. A burst of colour and realizations. Aha! moments, enlightening talks and tremendous support. Pure blessing.



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