Smiley feet

So I have been doing a lot more reading than actually painting. I must say it was an interesting time of self discovery and reflection. For sure, I see the world through a whole new perspective and I have this feeling that this will eventually translate into my art. Art is very personal and even in the slightest there are always subtle or maybe even not so subtle hints of our very souls. I find myself always translating life into art… Art, is life in full colour. J

So my friend gave me a pair of converse shoes she wanted revamped…. I was quite excited over this and for a couple of days I just starred at them… not knowing where to begin or having the slightest idea of how to go about it.. So after them screaming at me to get on with it already… ‘ Make us pretty ‘ they kept whispering.. I was convinced. I doodled something on them and decided that was it… now to experiment with colour… I wanted to use colours that wouldn’t entirely restrict her in choice of wardrobe when she is looking for something to wear with. And I also did not want them to look drab and boring. I wanted a classy-chic look with a twist of phunk sophistication and ‘ happy’.

Nothing  says happy like yellow. And with a touch of it…, that almost looks like a sketched smile…I knew that’s where I would infuse the yellow. ( You will see what I mean in the pictures in a bit.) So I ended up with black (the shoes were white to begin with) Pearl black and Smile, (in this case yellow) After hours on end and quite a bit of concentration; at times I was literally bending over these babies to make sure every bit of it was painted as evenly as my eyes could see. Taking a bit of time off to let the paint dry, and also to appreciate the process….. And.. (Drum rolls)


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