the fruits of insomnia, funny as that may sound, this came to me in the middle of the night. i couldnt get to sleep so i needed to come up with something in order to feel useful. and voila.. i did not have all the materials with me so that meant i had to go out the next day to pick me up some. i first made a small coaster and uploaded it on my facebook page. thankfully it was a hit. got an order immediately for a full set.

happy , happy.. i got started. I love doing this because i get to paint on them. i guess am an absolute paint junky. its just so cool when you can transform something with beautiful colours. Come to think of it, when i delivered my first set to the client, she was quite pleased she made a comment that she would just have them in the house for display and not use them 🙂 .. How glad am i that my work can be viewed for more than its functionality and as art! Art is such a joy.

it demands quite a bit of work, not to mention paint creating each piece, but in the end, its so worth it, rewarding and a complete set just puts a smile on my face. oh, i make sets of 1large one with 4small ones. thats what i started out with, but am looking to make more of the large ones and with painting i get to try out many different designs, infuse a few tricks… it quite nice. i love paint. i could paint on anything given the choice. cant wait to paint a mural in my house… eventually 🙂

i must say working on these coasters have created an interest into doing more home crafts. thinking up more creative ideas i could infuse into the home. i love customising stuff, and am thinking this could be a very beautiful journey too. so onward! lets see what more we can come up with…


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