Had a fun morning with a new friend of mine. Spent it chatting and brainstorming. Got me thinkin of this journey of art that i am in. How it all started. Where i am at now. Where i want to be in the long run. Art they say is a lifestyle.. i totally agree with them 🙂
Its interesting how the different expressions find a common ground in art; the soul. We may use different mediums, a variety of colour, shapes, size. but it all reflects one thing, ones soul..
Stories are told in the handling and finishing of different works. From the inspiration to the final piece, the journey charted by each stroke of the brush, each strike of the hammer and mallet, The etchings of ones life by the chisel on a sculpture. The highs and lows conveyed by colour. Seeing what no one else sees. Expressing it how only you can. Its a gift, powerfull, real.
Most people may not understand this lifestyle, and the artist may not quite be able to put it in words. But a keen eye on what we do, gives a glimpse into who we are. An appreciation of who we are propels us further into our sync with the soul.
We want to share, we want to put smiles on faces. We want to show you the world, through our minds eye. We want you to be a part of this thrilling journey. So take some time out, open the eyes of your soul. Only then will you see the connection. Only then will you see us


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