we choose to celebrate


The sound equipment was set. The lights and cameras were in place. The musicians had arrived and the food stand set up. There was excitement in the air; it was going to be a great experience.

People came in large numbers, to support one of their own. Helping raise the much needed money for Mr. Levi Alegwas treatment. A man whose devotion to God was evident, from his service to the church to mentoring the youth. He gave; he gave of his time and gifting, his family following suit.They came, from far and wide both young and old. Crossing borders, leaving all behind just to be there. To praise, petition and simply love on them.

Mum spoke, her words piercing through peoples hearts. She testified of God’s grace and provision. She confessed weakness were it not for God. Mrs. Alegwa shared her moments of despair and the strength and assurance she received from The Almighty.


We were gathered to support them, and ended up being the ones who were deeply ministered to. We congregated to pray for the Alegwa family and left feeling the touch of God upon our lives and hearts. We arrived down and left uplifted and encouraged.


You may be gone dad, but you are still with us, in our hearts and on our minds. You left us with something we will never forget or let go of. Faith, faith in a God who is higher than all things and beings.  Assurance that through difficult times, He is still God. You reminded us that Gods ways are not ours and our thoughts are not His.


You are in a better place, and we choose to celebrate your life. Most of us may not have met you in person, but your testimony preceded you and we felt your heart  and for that we are grateful. God has called you home; you are no longer in pain. Thank you for encouraging us.




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