just one; note to self

You can only be one person. You don’t have to entertain all the pressure you feel thrust upon you. You cannot be everything to everyone. And the sooner you quit trying to be everything, the sooner you begin to find out who you really are. Those around you will have to appreciate you, not their idea of who you should be.

You can only be one person. You have one life to live unless you are a cat. But the bottom line is, you were created for a purpose; somewhere down the line you forgot that. While running through this maze you have been in, it slipped your mind that there is One that formed you while you were yet in your mother’s womb. You forgot that this one didn’t just do so just to get a kick out of it. No, it was planned that you would be. The master planner, the creator of the universe saw fit that you enter this world.

You can only be one you. Yes they will talk; they will say all sorts of things. They will toss and turn at night trying to come up with new material just for you. They will work hard at bringing you down. But they don’t define you. What they say has nothing to do with what has been declared by the Almighty God. You see there is no power that is greater than the power of this God. This One that I told you created the universe said let there be light and there was. Think about it, just one word from Him and things happen. This great I Am created you. It’s a big deal.

You can only be one person. You are not here by chance; you are different, weird even and that is what makes you special. People will forget all the good you have done. They will choose to only remember the bad, the mistakes. Yes, they will stab you in the back and turn to others, because they think you are not good enough. They  will find excuses to keep away. They will run around looking for replacements. But you see there is only one you.

You cannot be their conscience. That you leave to God who knows how He wired them. The bit you are to play in this life no one else can take up. There is no understudy, there is no stunt double. It is you who was made for this role, and only you can play it as it was scripted. Brace yourself for your role.

You can only be one person. Forget about them when they walk away. Forget them when they leave you out in the cold. Ignore you, and punish you. That’s a choice they have made. Let them be when they act like they are the golden children of mother earth who can do no wrong. When they deliberately treat you like crap and make excuses for it. Forget them when expect you to make up for their choices. Forget them. They will search the earth looking for whatever it is they think you should be, and maybe they will find it. But if they were supposed to be in your life for a reason, then it’s their loss. They have missed out on the greatness of God they were to see through you. Do your bit.

You can only be one you. So dust yourself off, put on that gorgeous smile, and walk on. Chin up! Yes, you will make mistakes, you are not perfect. And when the voices in your head blow things out of proportion, press Control Alt Delete. Learn to guard your heart. Don’t allow pride to invade, see bitterness and hurt out the door, these squatters will make your life miserable. They don’t belong, God created you in His image. Let His light shine. You need that light.

You can only be one you!


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