With any craft, the devil is in the detail. It is important for creativity to be honed and packaged well. Music is more than just lyrics to a beat. It’s a story that needs to be carefully put together for the message to be communicated.

So many have cowered to the norm of quick releases, not paying any mind to the little things that add flesh to the skeleton of stories to be told. Thus a lot of the technicalities are lost along the way. The result, half-baked songs that are forgotten months after release. One hit wonders as they are popularly known.

Meet three guys that are firm believers of this philosophy. Pushing the boundaries of music with a passion that is very evident. Dylan, Suraj and Sheel work to drill in professionalism back into the music industry.


(Dylan and Suraj, Sheel was missing :))

Timeless music has become a long forgotten art, and this is part of what Midi Minds works to bring back. The professionalism and tailoring. Exercising the essence of good story telling, incorporating a beat and packaging it well. Sheel, a musician first customises his own  artwork is Midi Minds’ Visual artist handling all the graphics.

One of their objectives is to increase education in the music industry. To this effect they held a two day introductory Music production workshop at Pawa254 earlier in the year. These guys are reviving this classic art and taking time to create awareness to artists over this great need. In addition to that they are also working to push the importance of copyrighting under Music Copyright Society of Kenya.

Music has been a part of  this trios lives since they were kids, long before they ever met each other, in the club scene. Starting out playing instruments, they eventually proceeded to schools abroad studying Sound Engineering, Music Technology and Media, and Music Production. Their recording is done at the ADA Creative studio under  located at the Alchemist in Westlands. A very cosy afro chic studio that has graced the likes of Alisha Popat, Akua Naru, Kaya Collective and Abakisimba.

“It’s an exciting time for the Kenyan music scene.”  Suraj adds. The idea of the young working with the veterans in music is really important to him. Something he stresses on as he tells me of his collaboration with one of the people he admires, Makadem. Dylan is also working on his E.P (Extended Play) to be released in February. Sheel is also putting together an album for his home built Sound System.

Creativity just oozes out of Midi Minds, they love to travel and as they do so record sounds from nature to incorporate into their music pieces. They are presently working on sample packs that will be available on their website MidiMindskenya.com

Whether you already have an album and just need mastering done, or you have your song and need a track made. Or even if all you have is an idea you want brought to life. Midi Minds will work with you to tailor your sound, and make sure you are covered from all fronts until you release your song. From production to packaging.


Working with people who understand sound and pay close attention to detail  is by far the greatest advantage for any artist whether in studio or while perfoming live. This is Midi minds; Invoking people minds in sound.









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