Martha’s back!


I watched a video featuring Mel Robbins on Why Motivation is garbage. And I do agree with what she says, we have coddled our minds to think that without the pep talk nothing will happen. You see it in movies and you are moved by what happens after. So much so that you adapt that to your reality.  Seeking the talk before the move.

The answer to procrastination and getting our butts off the couch is being deliberate. Easier said than done huh… make that decision to do, to be, to pursue. Just get on with it. If you give yourself enough time you will most definitely talk yourself out of it. Ending up with one more item on your to do list, you know the one you keep rewriting .

I also watched The Million Dollar Morning video and I decided to give it a shot. Applying the 5 second rule while am at it, not the one involving food. It’s believed that with whatever idea or thought that comes to mind. If we do not act on it pronto,  we will begin to talk ourselves out of it. So the idea is to act before the 5 seconds are up; When the alarm goes off in the morning, get up before your mind tells you to snooze.

When I was  a teenager, one of the people I admired was Martha Stewart. I actually wanted to her life, the creative bits. I think somewhere along the road I forgot that used to say “ I wanna be Martha Stewart, only better.” So while thinking about Martha I had a light bulb moment. “ Think about it,” I said to myself. “She does so many creative things, just like you.”.  this led me to her website, I had to check it out again.

A little while back I was telling my friend how I have so many creative things on my mind that I needed to get done. I am so stoked that I am writing right now, because that was on the list too. I cant even remember how I got to watching Mel’s video. Oh yeah, I remember now, I had the link on email. I am glad i got round to watching it and  happy that once again Martha came into my life.

It is my hope that I will develop a new culture. A progressive and positive one. Here’s to day 1. Woop!


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