artsy me

.. the journey of an artist ..                                                                    welcome to my world!

Even as a child, i doodled a lot. The margins of my books were filled with scribbles, ‘designs’ . As long as i had a pencil, pen, paper, any surface really. I was at it!

Eventually as i grew, i added colour to my doodles and eventually moved on from just paper to actual fabric (notice i say just paper because i still ‘doodle’ … Now i paint a lot on clothes.. Any fabric really. I see it, i want to paint!

I also love crafts and enjoy sewing so i spend a lot of time making fashion accessories like bags, wallets and the like, infusing hand painting onto them to give them more character and also because i just cant resist paints 🙂 and speaking of paints; i also paint on canvas and like to do a lot of pastel work… mostly abstract expressionism.

Thank you for viewing my  blog. I hope you like it. If you like what you see, feel free to subscribe to the blog. and if you would like anything you see you can also place an order. 🙂

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